GP Consultation (In Person Or Telephone) 70
Follow Up Doctor Consultation 55
Extended Consultation (30mins) 120
GP consultation & Blood test 105
GP Consultation (Child / Student with Valid ID) 65
Nurse Consultation 55
Repeat Prescriptions 20
Menopause First Visit (Extended Consult) 120
Menopause Review Consultation 70
Health Screen (Physical Exam, Bloods, ECG, other tests) 140
Sexual Health: Consultation (Bloods + Swabs included) 95
Sexual Health: PREP Consult (Bloods + Swabs Included) 95
Weight Management (Extended Consult) 120
Legal/Insurance: Enduring Power of Attorney 120
Legal/Insurance: PMA Report TBC
Contraception (Age 17-31) FREE
Coil Assessment, Insertion & 6 Week Check 250
Implanon Insertion or Removal 100
Cervical Check Programme smear 0
Private Smear (Biomnis) 150
Travel Vaccine Consultation (Prescriptions included) 90
Ear syringing 55
Cryotherapy 50
Sick notes (where not reviewed in consultation) 20
Passport forms 35
Driving Licence Medical (including GMS) 70
Reports requested by patients are charged based on complexity TBC
Nurse Consultation 55
Blood test 35
Blood Tests GMS (Courier Fee) 20
Consultants Bloods 50
ECG 50
24 hr BP Monitor 75
Wound Dressing 55
Wound Suture Removal 30
Prolia and other injectable medications 30
Shingles Vaccine – Shingrix (2 doses) On Request
HPV Vaccine Gardasil 9 On Request
ChickenPox Vaccine – Varivax (2 doses) On Request
All Travel Vaccines Available On Request

Other services are available and fees can be confirmed by contacting the Practice

Online Prescriptions

You can now order your repeat prescription online and collect from your local pharmacy

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